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We make strategic investments that drive decarbonization investment

Sustainable focus

We have a dedicated investment focus on decarbonization innovation in agriculture, industry, mobility, buildings and energy.

Tested Innovations

Forged from a partnership between two proven, decarbonization investing powerhouses in the Southeast Asian region.


Backed by a global ecosystem of tech and strategic partners, key LPs and co-investors.


Leveraging the lessons that come with a history of us being operators ourselves.

A more prosperous
and sustainable future

Energy Ignition Ventures (EIV) is born out of our conviction that a cleaner, more prosperous future is not only possible but that it will drive the next wave of innovation.

With a global focus and Asian roots, we are igniting energy innovations that transcend borders and empower exceptional founders and businesses alike, on their journey to transform lives at scale.

Rooted in our unwavering belief in decarbonization and its potential to create value; we invest in mature, disruptive companies that deliver significant returns to investors through sustainable technologies and lead the charge in realizing a better future for humanity.


Energy Ignition Ventures (EIV) is a joint venture fund established by TRIREC and INNOPOWER, two leading decarbonization investors in Southeast Asia. We are uniquely positioned to help startups develop and scale sustainable solutions, thanks to our combined expertise and proven track records.

With EIV we are bringing together the strengths of both teams,
expanding our global reach and expertise, and deepening our understanding of the Southeast Asian market.

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The Next Frontier for Decarbonization Investing

The region is home to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and its energy demand is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Maintaining this growth will require overcoming challenges posed by climate change, air pollution, and energy security.

These needs combined with the rapid growth of Asian economies make decarbonization innovation a key focus in the region and a significant opportunity to create high value for investors.

We at EIV have a deep knowledge of the decarbonization landscape and a strong network of contacts globally, but especially in Asia.And we intend to bring Asia to the forefront of the decarbonization revolution!

About Us

Energy Ignition Ventures (EIV) is at the forefront of sustainable investments with a vision for a greener, more prosperous future. Straddling between the West and East, our mission is to ignite energy innovations that transcend borders and empower exceptional founders and businesses.

Rooted in our unwavering commitment to decarbonization, we're dedicated to pioneering cleaner energy sources. Our global reach and forward-thinking approach are enhanced by our legacy in sustainable energy innovations. EIV represents a dynamic force in the world of sustainable investments, creating history one investment at a time.

Join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter, more sustainable world.

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Lack of Mid-stage Funding

There is an absence of significant funding sources for Series B companies, most investors are in early and growth stages

Global Decarbonization

Across the world and within Asia, the appetite for decarbonization ventures has been ever increasing.

Financial Prospects

Most businesses are still looking to increase their spending on climate initiatives in the upcoming year.

Climate Tech Funding in Mid-stage1
Deals Related to Decarbonization from 2018 - 2022
of Companies Willing to Increase Spending on Climate Initiatives2

1 - As a percentage of total funding for "Early", "Mid" and "Growth" stage funding in 2021 - 2022
2 - According to the Environmental Sustainability Index Q4 2023 report by Honeywell

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